‘You’ season 3 has us rooting for a serial killer

“You” is back with season 3, and Penn Badgley’s character, Joe Goldberg, has us not-so-secretly rooting for a dangerous serial killer. What is it about this hot dad that has us rationalizing murder? Badgley has said he doesn’t think the audience would be so forgiving if he looked different. Of course, Joe from “You” isn’t the only pretty deranged person we love to watch. “Dexter” is coming back for a new season in November. And there are a ton of movies and shows about Ted Bundy. CNN’s Lisa Respers France says Bundy’s story shows attractiveness is a currency, and it can distract you from some pretty big relationship red flags. Watch “Pop Off” with Lisa for a sassy, no-nonsense take on entertainment and real life’s biggest issues every Saturday morning on CNN’s YouTube channel.

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